About Us

Over 20 years of experience in ambient advertising.

We started advertising in toilets inside the most visited cafes and restaurants, when the market was still tight and conservative.

We were able to establish the largest poster advertising network in Croatia and Slovenia, making us the first and only to push the boundaries in the ambient segment.

Each year we grew together with our clients who knew who to turn to if they wanted to be seen and different.

We did not follow trends, we created them by investing in new equipment and new not yet used advertising spaces such as fitness centers, tanning studios, dormitories, private dental offices, shopping centers …

We didn’t just stop at poster advertising, we gave a whole new look to promotions, where we designed the best ways to communicate between the promoter and the end customer, we visited places where the target groups were, we distributed samples instead of leaflets, we entertained passersby, we told the story in a creative way.

In collaboration with a team of professionals and partners that follow our vision, we have expanded our business to innovative technologies and creative concepts, thus reaffirming our business policy guided by the guideline: Only the sky is the limit.

You can tell us everything, we are not afraid of work and unusual demands, we enjoy creating fresh ideas and executing them seriously and professionally in the shortest amount of time.

If you have not worked with us yet, dare to be a part of our story that has been evolving for over two decades, breaking  boundaries, reaching for the limits of possible, moving forward thanks to clients who have recognized our values.

Areas of work

Communicate through Media
Communicate through Action
Communicate Creatively

The Team

Andreja Susič

Mob: + 385 98 355 684
Email: andreja@finioglasi.hr

Tomislav Gojšić

Mob: + 385 98 16 16 444
Email: tomislav@finioglasi.hr

Silvio Živanović

Mob: +385 91 517 0567
Email: silvio@finoglasi.hr

Our Clients


Fini oglasi d.o.o.
Headquarters: S. Alića 6
Ured: Lobmayerove stube 2

Tel: + 385 1 77 98 330

Email: info@finioglasi.hr

OIB: 97454999870
IBAN: HR7624840081100449722